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Rug Binding


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Kilgore's Flooring rug binding service preserves carpet with worn edges and can turn remnants into new area rugs, runners and more

Rug binding is a simple and effective solution to protect floor coverings at home. Bogart's Carpet provides professional rug binding services using new materials, or your own left-over carpet remnants from a prior installation. There are many ways to customize new carpet or remnants through rug binding, including a myriad of different carpet options, sizes and stitching styles.

Kilgore’s Flooring professional design staff stands ready to offer homeowners their expert advice about patterns, textures, color schemes, and more. Our affordable rug binding service will create any number of new ‘looks’, or merely enhance the interior design that your home already has. Perhaps best of all, rug binding can doit for you at an extremely affordable cost.

Any homeowner that has dogs and/or cats has probably seen them digging at the edge of the carpet where it meets the baseboard of the wall. This can result in the carpet’s edge becoming unraveled. When this happens, you can have it quickly and inexpensively fixed with rug binding that restores the unraveled carpet edge to like new condition.
Rug Binding in Panama City Beach, FL area from Kilgore's Flooring & Ceramic Tile Inc.

Carpet binding works like this...

Carpet binding utilizes left over carpet remnants to fabricate new area rugs, hallway and staircase runners and more ,by sewing remnant ends together with durable stitches that prevent their edges from becoming unraveled. There are several different ways to have this done using materials that include binding tape, serging tape and a traditional serging process. Moreover, if you desire to add a ‘fringe’ to the new area rugs or runners, you can also add a fringe easily simply by using a strong adhesive material to create an ‘oriental look’ that will bean interesting personal touch.

Kilgore’s Flooring professionals will be pleased to discuss these methods and materials with you in considerable detail and also to help you to choose the correct materials for your rebinding project.

Kilgore’s Flooring provides rug binding services for homeowners in Panama City Beach, Bay, Washington, Walton, Calhoun, Gulf and other nearby Florida counties. If you desire to know more, phone us, e-mail us, or drop by at our Panama City Beach showroom to discuss your interest in rug binding with one of our experienced and friendly flooring professionals.