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Your ceramic & porcelain flooring will work for you

With ceramic & porcelain tile in place as your flooring of choice, you’ll reap the many benefits that come along with the materials themselves. As one of the oldest floor coverings in the world, it has long been revered for its durability and long lifespan. What’s more, they are some of the most beautiful pieces available, allowing you decorate to your heart’s content, matching any existing decor with ease. Whatever you have on your list of flooring requirements, these materials will most likely meet, and possibly exceed them. It’s easy to find out for sure.

At Kilgore's Flooring & Ceramic Tile Inc., our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff can easily help turn your ideas into a legitimate flooring project. Browse our extensive selection of high-quality materials and find out how our professional installation team can bring everything together for a beautifully finished project. All you have to do to get the process started is visit us at our showroom, located in Panama City Beach, FL. From there, we serve the communities of Bay, Washington, Walton, Calhoun, and Gulf, and we look just as forward to serving you when you visit us at your convenience.
DalTile brand Ceramic tile flooring in Calhoun County, FL from Kilgore's Flooring & Ceramic Tile Inc.

Ceramic & porcelain offer the versatility you need

With ceramic & porcelain floor tiles, you can get precisely the look you want for every room in your home. Porcelain, made with only the highest quality clays, features a through-body color that allows its natural beauty to shine through. Use it in minimal design schemes where a rustic and all-natural look is desired. Ceramic can be used where bright colors, intricate patterns, and elaborate mosaics are preferred.
Ceramic & porcelain tiles are often used in commercial settings to take advantage of their highly durable characteristics. Able to withstand great amounts of foot traffic without scuffing, scratching, or fading, they can also be an excellent addition to your own home for the very same reasons. It’s perfect for busy households where children, pets, and frequent visitors are a normal occurrence. With proper care and maintenance, these materials can easily last 50 years or more before you’ll ever need to consider replacing them.
If you are considering these materials for your own home, we encourage you to speak with your flooring associate for more details on the necessity of a professional installation. Ceramic & porcelain are very hard and dense and require special tools and a lot of expertise.

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